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As a parent of a child at Candeo or another valued member of our community, we invite you to give to our remarkable and distinguished school. It takes an incredible amount of effort, focus, and resources to accomplish what we do on a daily basis. Our building is uniquely and strategically filled with dedicated professionals who give their very best to the students and families of our school. Your contribution - every dollar, every amount - goes directly to the classroom to bolster the educational experience and quality of life for not only our children, but also their teachers and specialists.

Our school does not accept any optional State funds that would place constraints on our program; rather, we rely on the generous support of our community to not only close the State funding gap, but also allow us to expand our program brilliantly. For example, through Annual Giving, we are able to accomplish the following:

  1. Ensure not just basic, but all desired materials and resources are fulfilled in every classroom, so that each teacher has the gold standard to take our program to its highest level;
  2. Provide one of the most aggressive salary and performance bonus structures for teachers in the industry, and
  3. Hire additional teachers and specialists in the classroom, to include Teaching Fellows, Gifted Specialists, Interventionists, and Assistants.

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